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Engine Diagnostics and Fault Code Reading

Don’t Ignore the Problem

A warning light on your dashboard is a common problem, but many people panic and don’t know what to do. It’s a sign that there is a problem somewhere within your car so we would always recommend booking an appointment with a diagnostic specialist as soon as you can.

When you come to Tynecastle Garage with a warning light we will let you know what the warning light means and how we can fix it. We do this by using a diagnostic testing machine to find the fault within the car. It means that our technicians can do this quickly and without having to dismantle the car to find the fault.

Car Diagnostics

Our high-quality diagnostic machine matches the systems used in main dealers, but our prices are much more affordable. Our staff are trained to use the machine properly and understand the fault codes that it produces.

All modern cars are now equipped with an engine control unit (ECU), which is basically the brain of your car. It’s connected via sensors to parts all over your car, which trigger a warning light if there is a problem. Our diagnostic machine is connected to your ECU, and it reads what the problem is. This allows us to diagnose the fault very quickly and offer you a solution and cost.

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Edinburgh’s Trained Testing Team

We’ve got high-quality equipment, which can be used on all vehicle makes and models. What sets us apart is the helpful and skilled team, which can use the equipment to diagnose and fix your problems with ease. A diagnostic test will normally take around half an hour, and our technicians will only give you an answer once they know for certain what the problem is. We’re proud to be known as a trustworthy diagnostic specialist in Edinburgh, and our customers keep returning because of this. We work extremely hard to make sure our service is top quality and our prices are affordable.

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Diagnostic tests with Tynecastle Garage can be easily booked online, through our booking system. It’s available 24/7 and allows you to check our availability even when we’re closed. We’re open six days a week and have a big team of technicians and plenty of space in our workshop. We can accommodate vehicles of all sizes and can do multiple jobs at the one time.

Once you’ve booked your diagnostic test online, we look forward to seeing you at your appointment. Our technicians will spend some time with you explaining what faults they’ve found and will then give you an accurate cost for the repair. When we fix a warning light issue, we’ll always re-test and then turn the light off.

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